Thursday, March 16, 2006

Liturgical Direct Action

Last night we celebrated our midweek Eucharist on Mission Street across from the site where a young man, Russell Cummins, was brutally murdered Tuesday evening and three other people were injured. It was important for us to be in solidarity with our neigbors and offer a sign of reconciliation and healing in the midst of violence. Just as the Body of Christ is broken for us, so the church is called to be "broken open," vulnerable and available to share in the suffering and redemption of the world.

Sometimes we have to leave the safety and familiarity of our lovely chapels and make the connections between the structures of violence that leave dead men on our streets and the self-giving love of the One who comes to reveal and overturn those structures, inviting us to work for a world without victims or perpetrators. Please remember Russell and all victims of violence: in our homes, in the Mission neighborhood, in our nation, in Iraq, and around the globe.

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Christopher said...

I wish I could have been there. A fine witness.