Sunday, March 19, 2006

Advocacy AND Evangelism

photo by Jan Adams

Yesterday a group from my parish put on their walkin' shoes and witnessed to Christ crucified at the anti-war protest in San Francisco. As Dominic Orlando has commented with reference to his play Juan Gelion Dances for the Sun, "there is no such thing as pro-wealth, pro-war, pro-torture Christianity." The Church desperately needs to prove Dominic right.

St. John's may well have been the only "out" Christian group at this protest of some 10,000 people. One woman walked by, eyeing the St. John's contingent suspiciously. "What are you doing here," she demanded.

"We're here in solidarity with those working for justice and peace," replied M. M.

"I've never seen you at any of our meetings," the woman pressed him.

"And I've never seen you at our worship services," M. M. shot back without missing a beat! Then he handed her a flyer about St. John's. Who says doing justice and doing evangelism are incompatible?

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