Thursday, September 18, 2014

Report from Ferguson: Day Two - "The Poet of Ferguson"

The absolute highlight of the day was meeting the poet of Ferguson:  Marcellus Buckley.  You can hear him yourself in the video from above.  Marcellus is one of the young adult leaders of the Ferguson rebellion, and has been instrumental to PICO's work of identifying and supporting such leaders.  He has a huge heart, a subtle mind, and a gifted voice.  He understands the complexity of the situation in Ferguson, yet speaks truth to power in love.

Listening to Marcellus tell his story and share his poetry was a moving and humbling experience.  No 22 year-old should suffer so much.  Yet, Marcellus is not a victim.  He has learned to harness the tremendous power available to him by being in touch with his own vulnerability.  He has something very important to teach us, if we will listen.

Marcellus is able to see the good - even in the corrupt law enforcement system that he decries:
To the officers who protect and serve and do their job well,
Whom believe that no matter your skin color justice should prevail . . . 
We appreciate you greatly and so through this poem we spread,
Peace, Love & Harmony for all Humanity & so let justice be fair,
This is a message brought to you by the People from the People to
the Police who have hearts that really care 
  - "To The Police Who Really Care," August 20, 2014
What we have to understand is that every time someone like Mike Brown is killed, a very precious gift is taken away from us.  Mike Brown wasn't perfect, and neither is Marcellus - or you or me.  All of us are imperfect and all of us are gifted.  Let us see and love the gifts we have been given in the face of Mike and Marcellus.

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