Monday, January 8, 2007

Its about Sexism, Stupid

James Carville famously posted the slogan, "Its about the Economy, Stupid," all around the 1992 Clinton campaign headquarters to keep the future president and his staff on message.

If Carville were advising the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church about how to respond to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference report on women's ordination and the Diocese of Fort Worth, I imagine the slogan would be, "Its about Sexism, Stupid."

In essence, this report opines that until the Church catholic agrees that women can be ordained priests, it is OK for bishops of the Episcopal Church to refuse to do so. It goes further in insisting that the Episcopal Church should not refuse consent to bishops-elect who oppose women's ordination.

Can you image consenting to someone who refused to ordain African-Americans? Same difference.

Scratch a homophobe and he'll bleed misogyny. 'nuff said.


R said...

Scratch a homophobe and he'll bleed misogyny.

Yes. I'd like to see some more scholarship and sociological studies on this, but it's something I've felt in my heart for many years.

janinsanfran said...

The election of Presiding Bishop Katharine is putting the entire Episcopal Church through the experience of what happens routinely to women. Should be interesting.

episcopalifem said...